This is just an inaugural post for this blog, which showcases the meals I get as a wedding photographer. I will always do my best to post the correct date with the food I was given. Food on this blog includes full course dinners the same as wedding guests were served, box meals, box lunches, and everything in between. You may see anything ranging from hot meals like filet mignon or chicken which is fairly common, pastas dishes served to the wedding vendors, or a pre-made box meal – some of which are less tolerable than others. On rare occasions, a blog post may simply state the word “nothing,” which signifies that either the client did not inform their caterer that a meal is required, or the reception schedule did not allow any time for a short break to eat. For photographers and videographers who work attentively for long hours on one of the most important days of a couples’ life, the meal you serve them can certainly weigh in on the amount of energy they carry on with through the rest of a wedding reception. What you serve your photographer and/or videographer may depend on what  your caterer offers or suggests, what your wedding planner recommends, and what you feel comfortable offering.


This blog began as a personal documentation to show a handful of friends what I as a wedding vendor get served when I shoot. It has since gained interest of a broader audience and has been viewed by thousands of visitors over the last three years through word of mouth and internet searches. The blog itself has been around since before everyone and their mother decided to become wedding photographers. It has been shared on Coudal Partners (the wildy popular company that managed the Layer Tennis competition sponsored by Adobe), GourmetBuddy, and the UK’s 5pm blog, just to name a few. I have seen people land here on this blog site from domains of prestigious international hotel chains, downtown boutique hotels, rural country clubs, wedding websites, personal blogs, and through social networking sites. To protect the wedding venues that I shoot at, as well as my clients, I will never in the same blog post list the name of the venue with names of the bride and groom and prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you for understanding.

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